Heirloom Bridal Robe in Peacock Blue

$ 350.00

PajamaSutra's Heirloom Bridal Robes are lovingly made from vintage sarees.

Your bridal robe is the last thing you wear as a single girl, and it should be absolutely perfect. This stunning silk chiffon saree in a vivid blue is transformed into a one-of-a-kind bridal robe with pink accents.

Made from vintage transluscent silk chiffon fabric.

Size S/M and 36" length. Only one is available.

Lounge Like A Goddess Styled Shoot Credits:

Bridal Robes and Styling: PajamaSutra
Photography: Braja Mandala
Jewelry: Jas and Pal
Hair and Makeup: Beauty By Lishma
Decor: Kumba Events
Models: Maryam Zolghadr and Melissa Singh