Bridesmaid Robes: Gift or Prop?

Are bridesmaid robes a gift? Or are they just a prop for your getting ready photos? 

bridesmaid robes


A time-honored part of the bridesmaid experience is wearing whatever dress the bride selects. The last thing you want her bridesmaid to feel, however, is that she’s a photo prop while getting ready. She’s a member of your bridal party because she is important to you, so make sure she feels it with the gift you give her!

Here are some tips on how to do bridesmaid robes right:


Bridesmaid Robes Getting Ready Gift 

1. Think about the fit


The most common complaint from bridesmaids is that the robes they receive don’t stay closed in the bust area, and they feel exposed. Not a good feeling especially when there is a photographer documenting every wardrobe malfunction in your half-getting ready state. With a “fit and flare” silhouette, interior ties, an attached side tie that won’t slip or roll, bust shaping darts, and a six-paneled flared skirt, PajamaSutra robes fit securely. And not every bridesmaid feels comfortable with an above-the-knee hemline. When in doubt - ask what she prefers! PajamaSutra robes are available in two lengths, and can be customized as well. Our A-line wrap-dress silhouette is perfect for flattering all body types, and custom maternity and plus sizing is available. 



2. Shop like its her birthday


A good rule of thumb for any bridesmaid gifts is to shop for her like its her birthday. Avoid the lower quality, inexpensive robes found online and think about her personal taste. Is she a floral girl? Does she hate pink? If you think about each of your ladies individually and come up with a print that each would love, then you will end up with a palette of mix and match gorgeousness that’s reflective of their individuality - and looks even prettier and more meaningful in photos than the matchy-matchy look.  PajamaSutra robes are a gift in itself - we include a lovely scroll message, chocolates, gold “goddess” tattoos, and press our robes with rose water for an incredible scent. 


Bridesmaid Gift scroll note


3. Keep it personal…but don’t personalize!


Most robes that have “bridesmaid” in rhinestones written on it will likely not be worn again, so it really doesn’t make it much of a gift she will appreciate long-term. Monogramming is a better choice, but stick to first names as initials can change in the future. Another way to add personalization is with customized tote bags! Totes are an cost-effective way to add a fun - and functional - packaging layer to your gift.
The very best way to personalize? Write a sweet, heartfelt note with your gift that conveys how special your bridesmaid is to you. 


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