The Make-Up Detail that Most Brides Forget

make up detail most brides forget

There are so many details to think about when planning your wedding day look! You've thought of everything from the dress to the heels, and even remembered to shine up your engagement ring. Your hair and makeup artist is booked, so you are all set, right?

Not exactly!

There is one tiny detail that is often overlooked by brides, but makes a BIG difference.  It is...a make-up kit.

But why, you ask? Well, you may have a hair and make-up artist booked for the big day, but what about the next morning? Many couples choose to include a brunch event for the day after, especially if out of town guests are attending the wedding. Even if no brunch is planned for the next day, you definitely will need at least a potent eye make-up remover so you look more like yourself and less like a raccoon on your first morning as a Mrs. 
One last tip - remember to pack your make-up kit in a small bag that goes directly to the room that you both will be staying in at night, since your bridal "getting-ready" room may be a different location than your newlywed suite. A maid of honor is the perfect person to delegate this task so you can relax and enjoy your big day!

Tara Bride Robe

Photo by Tom Cisneros. Robe: PajamaSutra Tara Bridal Robe

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